Saturday, March 2, 2013

Work at Home Scams

Would you like to start a home business and work at home.There are also millions of people that are working  at home scams.
You have seen the ads  in your newspapers, plastered across the ‘Net, in your email. “Work at home! Make $1000 a week!” But the only ones who make money  are the scamsters. All you get is a dent in your pocketbook and disappointment.As a on line learner,this is not the way to start.
I am going to show you, how to recognize and avoid some of the most common work at home scams.
Envelope Stuffing Work at Home Scam
The pitch:  Learn how to earn money stuffing envelopes at home (for a small fee).
For your fee, you’ll likely receive a letter telling you to place that same envelope stuffing ad in newspapers or magazines. You, of course, get to pay for placing the ads. The only way you will earn money is by scamming there people who respond to your work-at-home ad
Assembly or Craft Work at Home Scams
The pitch: You will make good money working at home by making things which the company will then purchase from you.
The way that this scam works is you pay (sometimes thousands of dollars) for materials and equipment upfront or parts for whatever item you’re assembling. Then you make the items.The company never does buy them back from you. None of your work is ever “up to standard” according to them..
Computer Work Work at Home Scams
The pitch: Make money working at home doing data entry and word processing tasks. All you have to do to get started is send in a( small fee.)
If you fall for this scam, what you’ll get is a useless guide to work at home jobs or a disk with generic information on how to run a business and a list of business names.When you  contact the businesses listed, you’ll find that they’re either not interested or pay an abysmally low rate.
These are just a few examples of internet scams,so be careful and ask questions about the company you want to work for.If they want money up front,credit card information etc This should raise a red flag .Try contacting the Better Business Bureau.Here is a place to start your online business.You can always branch out from here.I will keep looking for real home jobs that are not scams.I would realty appreciate your comments.After all we can beat the Gurus.

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