Friday, January 3, 2014

What is a Blog Commenting Service you ask?

It is very simple and very easy to start up with no money. All it takes is a little time and work and can be started as soon as today.
Let me explain something. Website Owners and Bloggers need to get traffic to their sites so they can keep their sites paid for and hopefully make a little profit One of the ways to get traffic is by receiving back links from other sites. What this does is give the Site owner direct traffic from the back link and it also gives him traffic from search engines like Google which can really be beneficial.
So to start a Blog commenting service you need to go to Google and type in a term that is related to your client’s site.
For instance, say that he sells computers on his website.
Then simply type in ‘computers’ in Google and notice all the sites there that sell computers. Start commenting on these sites with quality information that is related to the topic of that particular post. leave a hyperlink somewhere within the comment going back to your client’s Site.

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